TESCO @ WERRINGTON – Slow progress + poor consultation

Local Liberal Democrat councillors Julia Davidson and Darren Fower recently attended a presentation at which Tesco explained its long-delayed and changed plans for redevelopment at the Werrington Centre.

Both Darren and Julia are ‘fed up’ with this multi-billion pound company dragging its feet on introducing a roundabout at the junction of Staniland Way and David’s Lane.

Development of the Werrington Centre cannot start until this accident blackspot has been improved with a new roundabout to deal with the additional traffic which a larger store at the centre will attract.

Your councillors are also concerned by the proposed doubling in size of the store, the increase in car parking spaces and loss of the Ploughman pub.

Darren Fower said, “It is claimed that Tesco makes £2,000 per second and yet it seems unable to undertake proper consultation or build a roundabout.”

FOCUS and your councillors would welcome your thoughts on this matter – contact Darren or Julia or visit: www.facebook.com/SWNG.FOCUS.Team

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