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Council cuts its advertising in Peterborough Telegraph by thousands of £’s

by Cllr Darren Fower on 18 May, 2017

What’s this to do with?

Basically, the council has a legal duty to publish certain announcements and decisions in local newspapers.

In this year’s Budget proposal document, the Tory controlled City Council announced that they intended to reduce the size of these adverts, for example by removing the council logo, which they claim will reduce costs, as such adverts are charged by size (in cm). 

The Council claims this action will result in an annual saving of £9,000 a year up to 2022, so over £45,000 in total!

What does Darren think?

As a Liberal Democrat, I am a BIG fan of a free and open press, so the idea that the local authority makes use of them is good.

But given the costs associated I can understand why they have decided to look at reducing them.

I would however be very interested to see how much money the Council spends in total with the PT, compared to other publications in the city?

I think I may have to send off a question! 🙂

The PT has run several stories over the last year which have been highly critical of the City Council!


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