Discover the areas of Peterborough most likely to be affected by flooding

by Cllr Darren Fower on 15 January, 2016

Flooding in Peterborough

You’ve no doubt read about the serious issues relating to recent flooding around the UK recently? That made me think, I wonder if people know about the flood map service offered by the Environment Agency?

Basically, most areas in the city are pretty safe from flooding from rivers, the real threat in Peterborough is from surface water.

Surface water flooding happens when rainwater does not drain away through the normal drainage systems or soak into the ground, but lies on or flows over the ground instead.

According to Peterborough City Council, “Peterborough is at risk from surface water flooding which can occur in almost any location ……..”

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered from previous chats that some areas of the city have sub standard drains, or are effected by regular drainage blocking, which means when we get some heavy rainfall, flooding will occur.

One area that always seems to flood locally, is the bottom of Amberley Slope (Werrington), sadly, the relevant organisations simply do not have the money to replace or upgrade all the street drains throughout the city.

Do you have any thoughts on flooding locally? Perhaps you know a location that regularly floods? Please feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this page!


Do you know of any areas locally where flooding regularly occurs?

Sources to find out more about local flooding:

  • To check out the Environment Agency’s flood map simply touch the image above or CLICK HERE!
  • Check out Peterborough City Council’s “Is my property at risk from flooding?” webpage by CLICKING HERE!
  • To view the Environment Agency’s surface water flooding map just CLICK HERE!

2 Responses

  1. John Boddy says:

    The corner with Pennine Way and Gunthorpe Road always gets flooded in heavy rain

    • Hi John, thank you for letting me know. I fear that this may be related to the drains, as in some area of the city they are not functioning properly, sometimes its to do with blockage, but other times its to do with their inability to cope with such rainfall etc The next time it’s flooded, if you could let me know – in case I don;t spot it and I can then pop down and have a ganders 🙂

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