FINAL RESULTS – From the on-line Peterborough Resident Survey 2015

by Cllr Darren Fower on 9 January, 2016

Resident Survey 2015

We received 192 responses to the 2015 on-line resident survey from people in Peterborough!

The headline findings:

  • 82% want to see more police on the beat!
  • 69% did NOT think facilities provided for young people locally were adequate.
  • 43% were happy with the local bus service, 34% were not and 22% had no opinion.
  • 57% of people were NOT happy way with the way the council kept their street clean by removing dog dirt, litter, etc?
  • 80% thought there WAS enough green open space near to where they lived.
  • 50% described the state of the road surface/pavements in their street as POOR, while 39% said it was ADEQUATE.
  • 60% of respondents said there WAS a problem with speeding vehicles along the road where they lived.
  • 55% said they thought there WAS adequate provision for cyclists in their area, while 34% disagreed.
Resident Survey 2015

A BIG thank you to EVERYONE who took the time to have their say on-line!

Data Source:

  • To view the graphical final results of the 2015 on-line Resident Survey please CLICK HERE!

What do YOU think? 

Do you agree or disagree with any of the findings? Please feel free to post a comment below!


2 Responses

  1. Frances Green says:

    Not having replied to survey. I just wanted to comment on the state of the City in general with regards to tidiness. Having had the opportunity to visit Connecticut and Massachusetts over the summer and seeing how well maintained their areas are road sides etc. I am very ashamed to be having living with me a former resident of that area and for her to see the state of open land and road sides is embarrassing. Grass uncut, full of litter, shrubs uncut and full of ivy, trees left uncared for etc.

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