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Here’s some questions RE: the Council’s food waste bins!

by Cllr Darren Fower on 21 May, 2017

What’s the about then?

A couple of years ago, Peterborough City Council announced publicly it was introducing grey waste bins to help save the local authority money, by recycling food waste.

At the time the Tories at the Town Hall claimed:

  • It should enable the council to make savings of £300,000 a year.
  • It would reduce the amount of fees that the Council pays to dump rubbish in landfill tips.
  • The food waste would be used to create a kind of compost that can be used on gardens and allotments.
  • The first roll of biodegradable caddy liners were provided but residents had to fund future rolls.

What does Darren think?

Whenever I am out and about on my bike, I rarely see lots of the little grey bins outside homes?

This makes me think that the scheme may not be very successful, which means food waste could still be finding its way into landfill, rather than being recycled.

If the scheme is not working, then the Conservative controlled City Council needs to get on it and resolve the issue. Otherwise, the City will end up paying millions of £’s in fines!

I’ve now sent an email to the Corporate Director at the Town Hall and asked him a few questions.

My questions are …….

  1. Here are the questions that I have now sent to the Council’s Corporate Director:
  2. How many homes in the city have received the food waste bins?
  3. Do we know how many households are regularly using the food bins?
  4. Do we know how much food waste, in weight, is collected each week, month or year?
  5. Do we know how much it costs to purchase all the little grey food waste bins in the first place?
  6. In 2o12, Peterborough produced 100,000 tonnes of waste a year, 43% of which is recycled. What are the latest figures on these two points?
  7. Previously, it’s been stated that 40% of  household waste is food waste, what is the latest set of figures?
  8. A couple of years ago landfill costs were around £100 per ton barrier, how much are the costs now?
  9. In 2010, the city council spent £3.6m on landfill charges. What have been the charges for the last three years?
  10. It was claimed at the time that the grey bin scheme should enable the council to make savings of £300,000-a-year, has this been achieved i.e. how much has it saved us since being introduced?
  11. What has happened to the food waste used to create a compost, does this get sold?
  12. How many residents have actually purchased additional caddy liners and how much doe they cost and how much money does that make for AMEY or PCC?

How do you rate Peterborough City Council, when it comes to managing waste?


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  1. Roy Beard says:

    Regarding the food waste bin bags. I am assuming you don`t put food waste in your bin otherwise you would know that the bags are replaced free of charge. Once the free bag replacement scheme was introduced it was noticable in our area that more people re-started using the scheme.

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