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Majority of Council staff do NOT travel to work sustainably! #EnvironmentCapital?

by Cllr Darren Fower on 20 May, 2017

What’s this about then?

The City Council has put together an Environment Action Plan, which includes a section entitled Sustainable Transport, declaring they want:

“A pedestrian, public transport and cycle first city and 90% of all journeys will be zero emission.”

Problem is, their own research shows:

  • 68% of council employees do NOT travel to work sustainably.
  • 45% of council employees live more than 5 miles away from their place of work.
  • 64% of council employees travel to work in single occupancy cars.

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What does Darren think?

So the Tory controlled City Council wants to be the Environment Capital of the UK?

Well going by these stats, it would appear they could be one of the biggest contributors to congestion, traffic jams and thus air pollution, which damages local peoples health!?

Apparently, the council do have pool bikes for staff to use, but there are no details for how many bikes they have, how often they get used and how much has been spent on the scheme?

The Council also state that they operate the national CycleToWork scheme, sounds great, but again there’s little or no details as to what this actually means, and given the aforementioned stats, it would seem this cycle concept needs some serious pushing?

Bottom line is ……… Peterborough needs to reduce the amount of motorised vehicles on the road, a) Because it’s a nice thing to do for future generations, b) Because it reduces air pollution and thus, reduces the number of children locally getting health problems like asthma or worse, c) It reduces traffic jams, which are a common reason for bus delays and d) Because it reduces wear and tear of the roads, and will save the local authority millions of £’s!


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  1. Nigel Hunter says:

    This would be a good start to a campaign now that air pollution is all the rage.c

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