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Should diesel cars in Peterborough pay more in parking charges?

by Cllr Darren Fower on 16 May, 2017

What’s this about?

Earlier this year Westminster City Council announced a trial of emissions-based charging for diesel cars parking.

They chose diesel cars, as they were considered to be some of the heaviest of polluting vehicles.

A “polluter pays” principle will have the aim of reducing harmful vehicle emissions…..  and any money raised will be spent on initiatives to promote sustainable transport. – Westminster City Council

Before anyone has a moment of partisan panic, let me add that Westminster is a Conservative controlled local authority!

What does Darren say?

In Peterborough, we have a real problem with our City Council, when it comes to providing effective efforts to reduce car usage in the city.

The phrase “the car is king” is heavily associated with the Tory controlled administration, and many believe their aspirations to become the Environment Capital etc are merely examples of gesture policies.

Poor air quality is a significant health problem.

After smoking, estimates suggest it is Britain’s second biggest public health challenge, and responsible for around 40,000 deaths every year.

Liberal Democrats want to see real investment in green transport such as electric vehicles and to phase out diesel.

But, this will obviously take time, so in the near future, I wonder whether you think the City Council needs to adopt a “polluter pays” concept in Peterborough?


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