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“We simply chose the best option available” says PCC Re: #StMichaelsGateSaga

by Cllr Darren Fower on 20 April, 2017

What’s this to do with?

You may have heard about the Tory controlled City Council’s controversial plans to evict residents from 74 properties in St Michael’s Gate, Parnwell?

Therefore at a previous meeting of Full Council, I questioned the Conservative controlled administration as to their reasoning behind it?

Could the relevant Cabinet Member, please explain to me the rationale and reasoning around the decision to temporarily house homeless people at St Michael’s Gate, which has caused the existing residents to be turfed out of their homes?

The Tory Cabinet Member for Communities and Environment Capital, responded by saying, “We simply chose the best option available.

In the response we also learned that:

  • St. Michael’s Gate, is under the control of Stef & Philips – But it didn’t used to be!
  • Stef & Philips have a legal right to seek vacant possession from prior and current residents.
  • That the idea of helping support homeless people from other authorities was seen as equivalent to opening the “city doors to the Trojan Horse.”

What does Darren think?

I think the fact an estate agent firm can outwit the entirety of Peterborough City Council shows how loose a grip the present administration has on things in the city!

By their own admittance, they were practically ordered into this lucrative deal by Stef & Philips, as the Tories admitted to me that they “made it quite clear ……..that if we did not accept there were plenty of other authorities who would be willing to take it…” – Maybe Stef & Philips targetted Peterborough, as they knew before hand that the Council would be a walk over?

At the meeting I did say……

…we’re happy as Liberal Democrats to make sure these types of issues are addressed in this Council Chamber because we are talking about people’s lives which is very very serious and this whole thing about the Trojan horse thing I mean it’s classic scaremongering.


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