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I’m sorry but…….

by Cllr Darren Fower on 20 April, 2015

For the time being this blog will not be getting updated! As you may know by now, I’m standing for election to Parliament on May 7th? Did you know it’s nearly 100 years since our city had an MP representing them who was actually born in the city? As you can imagine, the campaign is […]

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Do YOU use the John Clare Rec in Gunthorpe?

by Cllr Darren Fower on 2 April, 2015

Dog walkers, cyclists, pedestrians, youngsters heading to school and many others, all make their way through the John Clare Rec on a regular basis, but do YOU think it could do with some improvements? There is a play area up near the Hallfields Lane entrance, but that covers about 5% of the overall park area. […]

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Teacher training opportunities available in Peterborough

by Cllr Darren Fower on 1 April, 2015

Teaching opportunities are available in Peterborough to graduates who train under a scheme run by Peterborough City Council. The Peterborough Teacher Training Partnership, in partnership with the University of London, is looking for graduates to train to become a teacher in schools in Peterborough. The Teach East scheme has been training teachers for over a […]

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Dog poo stencils in Elter Walk, Campbell Drive and Elter Walk

by Cllr Darren Fower on 31 March, 2015

Peterborough City Council are trying a new tack, for issues with ongoing problems of dog poo not being picked up by owners. Having visited South Yorkshire at the end of last year, where they have permanent markings on the footpaths, I did previously suggest that the idea could be adopted here in Peterborough. The new stencils […]

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The City Council have announced that local residents can now pre-register for new city-wide energy tariffs that will be amongst the cheapest in the country. In January the council entered into a partnership with OVO Energy to establish dual and single fuel (electricity only) energy tariffs that are exclusive to residents with Peterborough local authority […]

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Peterborough businesses are being encouraged to take advantage of a government voucher scheme that pays for the cost of installing superfast broadband. The vouchers are worth up to £3,000 and almost 40 city businesses have already benefitted from the broadband bonus. The grants can be used by businesses to connect to the city’s gigabit fibre […]

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Fancy earning £130 for a nights work? Peterborough City Council, are looking to hear from people who’d like to count election votes overnight on the 7/8 May 2015. Obviously, when I am at a count, things are a little different, as I’m on the other side of the “table” and just sat fretting about the […]

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Puffin crossing for Gunthorpe Road set to be installed!

by Cllr Darren Fower on 24 March, 2015

Ten years ago, myself and the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe FOCUS Team started campaigning for a crossing along Gunthorpe Road. At the time we were told it could not happen, it was too expensive, it was to close to the Paston Parkway roundabout junction….. etc So instead of giving up, I launched the Safer […]

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Over the last ten months The British Youth Council have been developing, debating and voting to select the five issues described within this manifesto. Sadly, in Peterborough, there seems to be a high level of apathy amongst younger voters, despite the fact that if they went out and voted, their numbers are such that they […]

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Yellow lines need repainting at Pipistrelle Court!

by Cllr Darren Fower on 21 March, 2015

While out and about the other day I spotted that the yellow lines along Pipistrelle Court were worn and in some sections no longer readable. There have been issues in recent months regarding cars parking inconsiderately and so I’ve now contacted the City Council and asked them to get the paint pots out and give […]

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