BRAND new Bus Stop installed following campaign by Cllr Darren Fower


Back in September 2012, residents contacted Cllr Darren Fower regarding the possibility of improving the bus stop opposite Lewes Gardens, on The Green in Werrington Village.

After successfully securing a decent bus shelter, outside of Werrington Community Centre a couple of years ago and after residential concerns were raised last year in our FOCUS newsletterCllr Fower secured meetings with Council Officers and campaigned, through regular communications and even mentioned the need to the Chief Executive of Peterborough City Council.

Now, Darren says, he’s glad to have secured another result for local bus users and says he intends to continue campaigning for all stops in the area to benefit from some sort of shelter.

Commenting, Darren said:

“It’s taken some time and effort, and be under no illusion that the Tory controlled Council are far from keen to be spend money on bus services, but I am now very happy to see that a bus stop that had been left degraded for decades and ignored by other elected members for this area, renewed with a high standard bus shelter and raised kerb!

“This will make the experience of using the local bus service much better for passengers, who are either a little unsure on their feet or perhaps rely on the use of a wheelchair?”

Cllr Darren Fower added:

“I do wish more City Councillors would actually use the bus services in the city. Then they would realise the benefit they bring and why its important to provide a standard of comfort to those who use it?

“As our population grows, the idea that the the local roads can continue to handle yearly car ownership increases of 5-10% every year is simply not the case. Alternative modes of transport WILL be the solution to maintain our transport infrastructure, and buses are part of this solution. In the coming years I want bus users in this area to have the best service in the city and I will continue to work hard to achieve this aim.”

Cllr Darren Fower says, if you know of any locations that would benefit from a bus shelter then people are urged to contact him.

Bus Shelter Lewes Gardens

How the bus stop looked for many years!


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Nigel Farage just showed his true colours. In the first European debate with Nick Clegg he attacked gay marriage, dismissed the 3 million British jobs that depend on Europe and admitted that he had simply made up his claim that 75% of our laws come from the EU.

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Read Cllr Fower’s speech made during the City Council’s Budget meeting at the Town hall!

Town Hall

The following speech is that made by Cllr Darren Fower during the formal Budget Meeting at the Town Hall that took place on Wednesday 5th March 2014. Please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page if you have any thoughts on what Darren has said.

Addressing the Tory controlled City Council, in the Town Hall Chamber, Cllr Darren Fower said:

“So here we are, budget time again!

“And bless, the Tories are doing their best for the people of Peterborough! You know that? ……. For example:

  • It’s not their fault that they had their Government Grant reduced!
  • It’s also, not their fault that they’ve proposed closure of children’s centres across the city!
  • It’s not their fault that they’ve spent millions of pounds on Cathedral Square!
  • It’s not their fault that they put tax payers money into the Icelandic Banks fiasco!
  • It’s not their fault that they overpaid by millions for the POSH ground!
  • It’s not their fault that they continue to pay themselves extra salaries, through their self titled Special Responsibility Allowances, to the tune of nearly £250k a year!
  • It’s not their fault their fault that the spent £175,000 of local tax payer’s money on installing a bus lane on the Town Bridge, only to backtrack weeks later and remove it completely!
  • It’s not their fault that they’re brown bin recycling scheme failed miserably and now they expect you to pay to rectify the error!
  • It’s not their fault that they cut the local link bus services that were essential to many members of the community I represent and across the whole city!
  • It’s not their fault that they spent millions of pounds on expensive consultants to either take the heat for their mistakes or to advise them on how they should be doing their jobs!
  • It’s not their fault that they sold off the Council House stock, the Secondary Schools, the Museum and various council services, plus openly supported the local hospitals disastrous PFI project!
  • And of course, it’s not their fault they wasted money on members websites, built a roundabout, outside the Burghley Square Club that cost tens of thousands of £’s – that ended up being too big for buses to manoeuvre around, spent thousands of pounds on awarding themselves Blackberry handheld computers, only to end up using Apple devices, blasted £250,000, £15k over original estimates, on bringing the city centre car park toilet up to scratch, wasted £40k looking into having a casino in the city. ……………. I could of course go on! 

“When you start to look at it, you can understand why people in Peterborough are now asking what it is they actually do take responsibility for?

“I must of course be fair, I am a Liberal Democrat after all, there have been a few occasions when the Tories have listened to our group! For example, after several years, they’ve finally scrapped their propaganda sheet YOUR Peterborough, or as near as dammit, one of our groups local policies, but only after spending hundreds of thousands on it!

“But let us get back to this years budget, and before Cllr Seaton explodes with rhetoric, if money is so tight, why are we not seriously looking at selling the Town Hall, that will be replaced in years to come anyhow, and costs an exuberant amount every year to maintain, why doesn’t this Council work harder to encourage more people to use alternative modes of transport that would reduce road the annual cost of road maintenance and dare I say, why is this Tory controlled administration not working to encourage the highest paid council officers to actually live in the city that they benefit from so handsomely from?

“PS – YOU could also look at getting rid of that Mayors car, and make use of one of the local Taxi firms?

“In conclusion, let me be clear, I for one will be voting against this budget, because its priorities are wrong, they intend to continue their inability to generate their own funds, instead preferring to waste the money of others and that they remain determined to cut basic services which our residents most need. This budget, is like all Tory policy in Peterborough in recent years, full of weak short term solutions to long term problems of their own making!”

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Our bees are dying out fast! Add your NAME to campaign! @PeterboroughCC @SustainableCity @Buzz_dont_tweet


According to Firends of the Earth, saving Britain’s declining bees “…is within our grasp, and the work has already begun.”

Their campaign has seen thousands of people help to convince the Government to draw up a Bee Action Plan. Sign the petition by simply CLICKING HERE!

Commenting, Cllr Darren Fower said:

“We must now make sure the plan is as ambitious as possible! This is an opportunity for all of us to become the generation that reversed the decline of Britain’s vital pollinating insects.

“Bees Minister Lord de Mauley wants your thoughts on his draft Bee Action Plan, so let’s make sure we give it to him!”

The consultation started this week and is only open for eight weeks. The plan is a step in the right direction, but to be effective it needs to be much better. The Bee Action Plan must include steps to restore bee habitats, tackle pesticide use, and help farmers switch to bee-friendly farming.

Experts from many areas are proposing practical ways to help bees, such as:

  • Every park to include some habitat for pollinators
  • Dedicated habitat for bees on all farms
  • Helping farmers to produce and protect crops using fewer pesticides

Now we need to make sure these and other ideas become part of the Government’s Bee Action Plan. So please sign The Bee Cause petition by CLICKING HERE!

Previous work:

In December 2011, Cllr Darren Fower put forward a formal motion to the Tory controlled City Council in Peterborough, which requested to:

“Make this council a neonicotinoid free council; we will not use, purchase or allow the use of neonicotinoids, neonicotinoid treated seeds or neonicotinoid treated pot plants on the council’s land or within our other operations, by our staff, contractors or tenants.”

Following opposition to the idea, by the Tory administration, but faced by the hard facts, they agreed that if the motion was withdrawn, then further research into the uses of and impact that a ban on neonicotinoids would have on the Council would take place – TO DATE Darren tells us he’s received no such report! But has AGAIN sent a request for the research to be sent to him and made public!

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Are Tory Council off their rockers, with plans for offshore account?

Council money

As reported in the media, the Tory controlled City Council in Peterborough have agreed a scheme for a £130m regeneration plan for the city centre, but “….has refused to divulge the names of its investors.”

Liberal Democrats at the Town Hall are demanding “transparency” about the sources of the investment!

Speaking previously, Liberal Democrat council leader Nick Sandford said:

“We’re told that some of [the investors] may be governments of foreign countries and some are private individuals, but when we asked a bit more about this fund we were told it’s been based in an off-shore tax haven.”

Ironically, the Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer has also just announced that the government is set to launch an advertising campaign “…targeting people who have been evading taxes by holding money in offshore accounts.”

In the article, Chancellor George Osborne said the campaign aimed to make it “very clear” that if people hid money offshore “then we are coming after them”.

According to the report, Tax evaders could face fines of 200% of the tax owed and the possibility of criminal prosecution and imprisonment. “Ultimately, this is about fairness,” Mr Osborne told Australia’s ABC TV. “People have to pay their taxes.” -Hmmmm???

Commenting, Lib Dem councillor, Darren Fower said:

“A year ago the same bunch of Tories announced plans for a contract that they claimed would see up to £200 million invested into the installation of solar panels across Peterborough, now we are told by the same group of Conservatives that this plan has been scrapped due to a  poor return on its investment??

“Lest we forget that the same Tories also lost money in the Icelandic Banks fiasco, sold off our schools and services to private companies or trusts, and are also losing money each week, trying to pay off the interest alone on the millions of pounds they have borrowed in their weak attempts to balance the Town Hall books.

“Put simply, we are dealing with public funds, so a degree of transparency about where this money is coming from is actually important and at the very least this is something the administration should be doing.”

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If YOU’RE a fan of FACEBOOK and live in the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe electoral ward ……….. or even if you don’t ………….. you’re invited to connect with local LIB DEM ward councillor Darren Fower via his dedicated and regularly updated Facebook page!

Commenting, Darren said:

“The aim of the page is to enable local residents to upload their own images of issues, share comments and thoughts, respond to my postings and essentially help build a strong timeline of useful community information.

“There’s no point pretending that Facebook is not an effective mode of communication, and given that its free, its a great way for me to update and connect with the people that pay my salary!”

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Well done to those parents who do walk with their children to school! @pcctravelchoice

Commenting, local Lib Dem ward councillor, Darren Fower, said:

“Over the past 20 years, the percentage of children travelling to school by car has doubled, almost 40% of primary and 20% of seconday age children are now driven to school each day.

“In Peterborough, this factor was exacerbated by the Tory controlled City Council, when they closed down perfectly good schools a few years ago, eventually flogging off land for housing or supermarkets, such as Bretton Woods and Honeyhill.”

The school run can mean significant cost implications, with families spending over £300 annually on the drive to school in petrol costs and wear and tear to the average car.

Children who walk to school learn more about their local environment – they find out who their neighbours are and make friends as they chat to other children on the way to school.

Werrington Primary School

  • View YOUR local schools travel plan by CLICKING HERE! 
  • Nearly half (48%) of children would like to walk or bike to school even more if they could, says a new survey carried out by a specialist child research agency, ChildWise, in partnership with the Department of Transport (DfT) in 2004.
  • The younger children who walk use about 75% of the number of calories travelling to and from school that they would from two hours of PE.
  • The older children use over one third more in walking than they do in two hours of PE, especially the boys.

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Tory Council ignores recommendations + decides 2 close Children’s Centres despite public opposition!


So the inevitable has occurred! Despite, strong opposition from members of the public, opposition councillors (including Cllr Darren Fower) putting forward a set of sensible recommendations to take on board before any decision is made etc The Tory controlled City Council has decided to go ahead with plans to close down the Children’s Centres!

The decision was met with boos and cries of “shame” from the public gallery and a number of parents shed tears.” – Peterborough Telegraph

Commenting, Cllr Darren Fower said:

“The Tory administration in the Town Hall continue to hide behind reductions in their annual Government grant! But, what they don’t tell you about is the millions they have to pay each year on interest on their heavy borrowing levels, the money wasted on various vanity projects, consultants and un-required propaganda magazines, not forgetting the millions of pounds sitting in their CIL account! 

“Instead they prefer to charge people additional money for basic services like collecting their brown bins and  closing much needed community services like those offered by the Children’s Centres!

“This decision will hit those who can least afford it and it is not, quite simply, fair!”

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Got an iPhone or iPad? Then get my FREE App!


Residents of South Werrington and North Gunthorpe can now keep their local councillor in their pocket or purse!

On top of undertaking surveys, ward walkabouts, regular ward surgeries, delivery of the FOCUS Newsletter and an online presence to compete with the best, YOUR local LIB DEM ward councillor, Darren Fower has now launched his very own app for YOU!

Commenting, Darren said:

“The app aims to build on the work of the entire FOCUS team. We’re the only local political group that undertakes surveys, ward surgeries twice a month, a regular FOCUS newsletter and daily updates via Twitter, Facebook etc But there’s always room to improve.

“The app will allow local residents to have a direct link with me, to keep an eye on my work, send me casework or questions, via their mobile device, at times that suit them!”

Whether you use and Android or Apple device you can get the App NOW! Simply CLICK HERE!

Peterborough has more than 150 miles of cycle routes! @SustransPBoro @pcctravelchoice

Regular cyclists and local Lib Dem ward councillor Darren Fower said:

“I doubt even 10% of City Councillors regularly use cycling as a mode of transport, as most of them still seem to prefer their cars, but whether they like it or not, cycling is growing in our city and it is one of the solutions to Peterborough’s future transport infrastructure.”

According to the 2011 Census figures for Peterborough over 5000 travel to work using their bike, with over 200 people from the South Werrington and North Gunthorpe ward making use of their bikes!

How would YOU encourage more people to cycle in this area? Please leave a comment below or contact Darren with your thoughts.

“Cycling is a cheap, affordable and healthy way to travel. In this section you will find all the related information about cycling in the city.”READ MORE!


Cycle map

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