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Shock horror! It tunrs out if cars drive slower in built up areas or when passing schools, it makes it a safer place …………… who’d have thought, eh? The news comes after a research review on September 28th 2014 led by Dr Jo Cairns from Durham University that concluded 20mph zones and limits effectively improve public […]

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I just improved my APP!

by Cllr Darren Fower on October 24, 2014

Since launching my app, I’m glad to say that I’ve had several hundred people download it! And only two of them are from the USA! :)  Q: So what’s the point in having an app? A: Well, there are a range of reasons, but mainly its so that, no matter what mobile device YOU use, […]

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I’ve been told by residents in recent weeks that there have been ongoing issue relating to anti-social behaviour outside the convenience store located at the bottom of Amberley Slope/Storring Way. I now understand that a new owner has taken over the store, from Ali, and I therefore hope that the problems will cease? The bottom […]

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Chief Executive of Peterborough City Council, Gillian Beasley, is set to trek across the Sahara desert, to help raise funds and awareness for city based charity, Spina bifida • Hydrocephalus • Information • Networking • Equality – SHINE! Gillian Beasley has been Chief Executive of Peterborough City Council for 12 years. There’s definitely times when […]

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Fower pops along to @FeeltheForceDay

by Cllr Darren Fower on October 23, 2014

Feel the Force Day is an accessible film and TV event designed for visually impaired and disabled people. This year’s event at Kingsgate Conference Centre attracted hundreds of people and the event a first of its kind, in the World, EVER! I must say the latest event was VERY impressive! The organisation, the number of […]

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Got this through on email the other day and thought you might be interested? Peterborough Citizens Advice Bureau, 16-17 St Mark’s Street, Peterborough, PE1 2TU, are offering the following courses FREE to voluntary organisations, but there is a charge of £75 per person per course for statutory organisations (other than the Signposting and Awareness course which […]

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Using fuel duty to fix potholes?

by Cllr Darren Fower on October 22, 2014

In Peterborough, one of the side effects of the Tory controlled City Council’s failure to reduce care usage, is the increase in wear and tear on the roads. In recent years, millions of pounds have been spent on road repairs, at a time when other essential services have been reduced or even cut. At the […]

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11 to 13 year olds in #Peterborough offered free immunisation!

by Cllr Darren Fower on October 21, 2014

School children across Peterborough can now benefit from free flu immunisations. Children aged 11 to 13, in school years seven and eight, are being offered free immunisation against influenza as part of a national pilot programme. The immunisation will protect young children, their siblings, grandparents and others who are at increased risk of becoming ill. […]

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#GunthorpeRoad shop area is a disgrace!

by Cllr Darren Fower on October 20, 2014

I’ve been contacted by local residents living in and around the shop on Gunthorpe Road, who have, rightfully so in my opinion, complained about the state of the area. I would add that “technically” this area is actually in the Paston ward, rather than South Werrington and North Gunthorpe, but as many local residents from […]

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I may not have mentioned this before, but one of the best bits about being a Liberal Democrat, aside from being the most democratic of the main political parties, is that we also boast an impressive number of sub organisations who campaign on many issues and factors that are often overlooked by mainstream media. The […]

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