No “Tweeting” rule @ the Town Hall is “preposterous” and “archaic!”

Local LIB DEM ward councillor Darren Fower has described the decision not to allow elected members to Tweet during Full Council meetings as ‘preposterous’ and ‘archaic’!

Darren who regularly tweets via the handle @CllrDarrenFower – says at a previous Full Council meeting he asked the present mayor if it would be OK, but was informed that it would not be  permitted.

The previous Tory Mayor, once famously told off a Labour Councillor for using his mobile phone……when in reality he was not! #Specsavers

Commenting, Darren said:

“Twitter is now a leading communicative tool in society and if I or any other councillor want to communicate or ask a question through it while at meeting, I believe we should be allowed.

“It is simply old fashioned to permit elected member to sit at meetings scribbling away on pieces of paper or whispering to colleagues nearby, but say no to the productive use of new technology?

“We are supposed to be making the Council more open and accessible to the local electorate? Quite simply this stance is preposterous and archaic in my opinion!”

What are YOUR thoughts?

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